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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: user interface
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2006 13:07:12 GMT
Not sure what version you are using, but the current one uses
(relatively) easy XML files to create the User Interface.

I found one thing that User like is giving them Links they can save in
their Bookmarks to get to areas of interest fast without going thru all
the menus .

 From www.ofbiz.org there is a link for a demo site

supports ERP in manufacturing.

another live demo is
they changed the manufacturing to production.

if you have a laptop you can take it to him with it running on localhost
and do a presentation.

If you have a Webserver, you can generate screenshots, that your can
provide URL's to that he can view.

Lastly you can do screenshots and put them in a PDF or Word document.

heiti kruusmaa sent the following on 7/1/2006 4:15 AM:
> hello there
> i have a question  about user interface.
> sure we can design any kind of user interface we want but do we have 
> some sort of showcase or screenshots what has been done on user interface?
> i am not expert in design and can not very fast to prepare type of 
> interface that client wants to see. for him it is very important that 
> user interface has feel and look that he likes. he is looking for 
> explorer like interface. maybe like shown here:
> http://www.compiere.org/product/tour/UsingCompiere1.html
> client is about to deside over microsoft navision to use our offered 
> ofbiz based manufacturing system, he does like how one can work in 
> navision. sure we can design him interface similar to navision but how 
> can i very fast to show this kind of interface in my prototype? time 
> factor is big problem here...
> strange how some people choose software...he compared software to 
> woman...some you want and some you dont siply by looking at them  :))))
> maybe any of community members have designed one already?
> BTW if we get contract it will result in some contributions to community 
> in form of cash and result is additional functionality for 
> manufacturing, that all will be released in open source.
> looking forward to communities kind response!
> cheers
> Heiti

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