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From "Ian Gilbert" <ian.gilb...@ethicalshopper.co.uk>
Subject Content documentation ...
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 12:23:55 GMT
Hi All,

I am in the process of updating my documentation which was last released a few months ago.
 In the
process of doing this it has become apparent that the current article on content management
misleading and incorrect (apologies to anyone who has spent time on this).  I will either
this or delete it from the document.  I would much prefer to do the former.  With this in
mind I
am looking at the current docs on the cms to see if I can make any progress on my own.  I
did this
a while ago and was unsucessful and am writing to enquire if anyone in the know can give me
help with this or if there are other considerations that I should take into account (say if
whole project was in the process of being rewritten).

I was thinking that I'd take a sample project (say creating a wiki or news site) and document
from and end user perspective.  I will be happy to give a co-author credit to anyone who can
me with this.  There are a number of ways this might happen but I have had a lot of luck with
and direct email in the past :)

I am looking to flesh out other aspects of this document as well.  Currently it is geared
up for
drop shipping but the company who currently provides our warehousing services may well become
next client and so I will be looking to flesh out the stuff about inventory and asset management.

I hope to touch on other applications in due course as well.

Thanks and very best wishes

Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert
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