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From subhradeep bhatacharya <subh4of...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [OFBiz] Users - Doubt in screen widget
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 10:42:00 GMT
Hi Dhilip,
  Widget screen does simply place the ftls in the sequence specified. In the case below it
will first place the header, then it will place the left bar ftl, then body, then right bar
ftl and lastly the footer. You have to make the ftls such that they get placed in the placeholders
you mentioned by using appropriate height,width..and also in the container-style you have
to specify the css of the ftl, such as for left bar css you should have "float: left;" and
similarly for right bar css "float: right;" should be there.
  Hope I am able to help you.

dhilip kumar <dhilipsrinivasan@yahoo.co.in> wrote:
I understand widget and decorator patterns in screen. But I am confused 
how exactly is the widget-screen identifies the location to place the ftl files.
  Example : The following is the coding in \ecommerce\widget\commonscreens.xml.
                <!-- render header -->
                <platform-specific><html><html-template location="component://ecommerce/webapp/ecommerce/includes/header.ftl"/></html></platform-specific>
                <container id="ecom-mainarea">
                    <!-- by default will render left-bar only if left/rightbarScreenName
value not empty -->
    <include-screen name="${leftbarScreenName}" location="${leftbarScreenLocation}"/>

    <include-screen name="${rightbarScreenName}" location="${rightbarScreenLocation}"/>

                    <container style="${MainColumnStyle}">
                        <!-- render messages -->
                        <platform-specific><html><html-template location="component://common/webcommon/includes/messages.ftl"/></html></platform-specific>

                         <decorator-section-include name="body"/> 
                    <container style="endcolumns"/>
                <!-- render footer -->
                <platform-specific><html><html-template location="component://ecommerce/webapp/ecommerce/includes/footer.ftl"/></html></platform-specific>
This screen includes screens leftbar and rightbar. But how does it exactly places the content
in the left and right. 
what is the use of  "TemplateData.xml" ? 
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