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From dhilip kumar <dhilipsriniva...@yahoo.co.in>
Subject Doubt in screen widget
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 09:27:21 GMT

I understand widget and decorator patterns in screen. But I am confused 
how exactly is the widget-screen identifies the location to place the ftl files.
  Example : The following is the coding in \ecommerce\widget\commonscreens.xml.
                <!-- render header -->
                <platform-specific><html><html-template location="component://ecommerce/webapp/ecommerce/includes/header.ftl"/></html></platform-specific>
                <container id="ecom-mainarea">
                    <!-- by default will render left-bar only if left/rightbarScreenName
value not empty -->
    <include-screen name="${leftbarScreenName}" location="${leftbarScreenLocation}"/>

    <include-screen name="${rightbarScreenName}" location="${rightbarScreenLocation}"/>

                    <container style="${MainColumnStyle}">
                        <!-- render messages -->
                        <platform-specific><html><html-template location="component://common/webcommon/includes/messages.ftl"/></html></platform-specific>

                         <decorator-section-include name="body"/> 
                    <container style="endcolumns"/>
                <!-- render footer -->
                <platform-specific><html><html-template location="component://ecommerce/webapp/ecommerce/includes/footer.ftl"/></html></platform-specific>
This screen includes screens leftbar and rightbar. But how does it exactly places the content
in the left and right. 
what is the use of  "TemplateData.xml" ? 

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