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From Nicolas Malin <nicolas.ma...@nereide.fr>
Subject Re: OFBiz Jersey Swagger plug in
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2020 09:04:41 GMT
Hi Girish,

Previously I worked to define some entries controller as Rest
(OFBIZ-11007 [1]) so I imagine a bridge between OFBiz model and Jersey.
When I told on OFBiz model is more the Java object loaded on memory
rather than read xml files.


[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-11007

On 06/02/2020 17:46, Girish Vasmatkar wrote:
> Hi Nicolas
> If I understood you correctly, you mean to say if there is a way Jersey can
> render "resources" via XML configuration? Since it is an implementation of
> JAX-RS specification, and the specification itself does not define and XML
> configuration, so actually have to annotate the java classes with paths and
> methods much like you would do in an XML file.
> That being said, I have added those endpoints to showcase how a typical
> JAX-RS(Jersey) API configuration works.
> As far as resource scanning is concerned, you can either specify individual
> classes or specify the packages where resources reside and that's where the
> specification kicks in and does the job.
> There is also a way to configure the resources programmatically (having a
> custom XML file) and then define the API there and populate Jersey.
> I am unsure if I understood you correctly nor am I sure if I was able to
> provide you the answers, so please let me know if you still have
> more questions.
> Best,
> Girish
> On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 7:40 PM Nicolas Malin <nicolas.malin@nereide.fr>
> wrote:
>> Hi Girish,
>> I read your contribution on the related issue, and I saw that you hard
>> coded the rest definition in java file.
>> Just to understand the finality, you propose to deploy Jersey with
>> define available request as you already done, or it's just for example
>> how Jersey rendering a definition ?
>> Do you imagine that we would be improve the OFBiz model scanning (like
>> Artifact Info) to populate Jersey ?
>> Nicolas
>> On 26/01/2020 10:57, Girish Vasmatkar wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> Just wanted to gauge the community's interest in having a JAX-RS
>> component
>>> with swagger capabilities. I am fully aware of the fact that there are
>>> efforts undergoing on implementing a REST servlet.
>>> This can come handy for anyone comfortable with implementing JAX-RS or
>>> having experience with JAX-RS. You can fully take advantage of Jersey in
>>> implementing services that are truly RESTful in nature leveraging
>>> I have been using this plug in for one of our work and would like to
>>> contribute the same to the community.
>>> Please let me know your thoughts and I can then open a JIRA maybe and
>>> proceed further.
>>> Best,
>>> Girish

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