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From jonathan@eclipsecat.com <jonat...@eclipsecat.com>
Subject Re: Need help with oshop bootstrap e-commerce plugin
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2018 15:35:23 GMT
Thanks for responding.  

I understand that this is not an official component.  I would still like to figure out how
to get this working if possible.  Since it worked in v15, it can't be too far gone can it?

If this thing works as advertised (as a bootstrap e-commence plug-in) perhaps it could become
part of the official project? It seems there is a need for such.

The implementation instructions are very minimal.  So, the solution does not seem to be in
just reading that.

After commenting out a few lines in the XML bundled with the project (which pertained to security
settings), I managed to get OFBiz to start.  It no longer crashed the whole framework.  But
now, this app still fails to load.  I throws some other Java exceptions.

If there is someone who is well versed in this framework, who could give this a look, it would
probably save me a great deal of aggravation.  

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