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From Michael Brohl <michael.br...@ecomify.de>
Subject Re: [DOC] Example asciidoc file as guideline
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2018 16:55:54 GMT
Maybe I was not clear enough... I am suggesting some kind of style guide.

I think if we provide it in the early stage, people might get inspired 
from it and have examples in a very compressed form. I find the several 
examples that I've studied very helpful but they are cluttered all over 
the internet so it could be a shortcut for others.

I will provide an example to make it clearer. Will take some days as I 
am off until coming Wednesday.


Michael Brohl
ecomify GmbH

Am 18.03.18 um 17:46 schrieb Taher Alkhateeb:
> Hmmm, Sounds like a good idea, but perhaps maybe a bit early? We might
> be still evolving and learning how to structure our documents.
> Also, maybe if we keep our documents clean and consistent, then they
> themselves offer an example for how to write stuff? Examples usually
> run out of date quickly unless we have some kind of mechanism in place
> for always keeping them up to date. Anyway, if we decide to go that
> route, [1] serves as a nice sample for us to imitate but with
> instructions specific to OFBiz
> [1] https://asciidoctor.org/docs/asciidoc-recommended-practices/
> On Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 7:35 PM, Michael Brohl <michael.brohl@ecomify.de> wrote:
>> Heyho,
>> I played around with asciidoc a bit and did some minor changes to display a
>> nice title page and did some configurations for the user/developer manuals.
>> I studied a few example .adoc files and wonder if we should provide a best
>> practice example .adoc file. This could contain all formatting, guidelines
>> to mark special contents (info, attention, citations etc.) or how to format
>> code examples.
>> It would be a guideline as well as an example to learn from. I am hoping
>> that it is easier for people to get started and it could also improve the
>> quality.
>> This document itself could be in the codebase and evolve over time.
>> What do you think?
>> Regards,
>> Michael Brohl
>> ecomify GmbH
>> www.ecomify.de

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