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From Michael Brohl <michael.br...@ecomify.de>
Subject Re: Style tag for Widgets
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2018 12:41:53 GMT

Inline CSS should be avoided.

The HTML code should only contain the standard tags and css class/id 
attributes to decouple the page structure from the layout.



Am 20.01.18 um 07:23 schrieb Taher Alkhateeb:
> The widget system as I understand is a DSL for rendering user interfaces
> regardless of the underlying technology. So HTML is only one output.
> Introducing styles might create coupling between the widget system and
> HTML. We have been working hard to completely disentangle web from widget
> such as moving web artifacts from framework to common theme.
> My suggestion for solving problems of custom elements includes the below:
> - drop down to FTL using platform-specific tag
> - design a new widget and call it something like <custom-widget> that we
> can discuss its design in another thread.
> - if something is commonly used, incorporate it into the framework.
> So I would recommend avoiding the style attribute or limiting it to
> specific tags.
> On Jan 20, 2018 5:02 AM, "James Yong" <jamesyong@apache.org> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Proposing a <style> tag for including css within CDATA marked section.
>> This allow us to include page specific css more easily than
>> <platform-specific><csv> tag.
>> Regards,
>> James

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