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From Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: [FRAMEWORK] Notes from Skype Meeting - 23rd Oct 2015
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2015 07:12:39 GMT
Thanks Sharan,

It's now totally clear to me :)

Thanks also to the other participants


Le 25/10/2015 02:19, Shi Jinghai a écrit :
> Great!
> -----邮件原件-----
> 发件人: Sharan-F [mailto:sharan.foga@gmail.com]
> 发送时间: 2015年10月24日 23:00
> 收件人: dev@ofbiz.apache.org
> 主题: [FRAMEWORK] Notes from Skype Meeting - 23rd Oct 2015
> Hi Everyone
> Yesterday we held a Skype call (Adrian, Ron, Taher and Myself)  to talk
> about the proposed Framework re-write. Please see below the main points from
> the meeting:
> *Meeting Discussions*
> We started by talking about our expectations. We then briefly discussed what
> a framework is as there are different interpretations. Our agreed definition
> was something around a basic central environment on top of which services,
> applications or even scripting could run.
> We also talked about the way that the current OFBiz framework has evolved
> and some of the resulting problems.  We have the opportunity to create
> something completely new and robust that resolves the issues we have
> encountered especially around dependencies.
> We agreed that having a plan or roadmap would give us structure, visibility
> and would also keep us focussed on our end goal. We also decided that it
> would be good to start small and generic which would leave us open to able
> to  expand into other areas in the future.
> *What do we want to Achieve?*
> We had previously reviewed Adrian’s documentation   Initial Framework Vision
> Document
> <https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/Another+Framework+Vision>
> and  Initial Framework Design Document
> <https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/A+New+Application+Framework+Design>
> , and agreed during the meeting that this would be a good starting base for
> us. In this proposed subproject we would like to implement a framework that
> would initially comprise as follows:
>     •	Configuration.
>     •	Globalization (locale, time zone, currency).
>     •	Logging.
>     •	Security (authentication/authorization).
>     •	Actor Management (profiles, roles - required for security; Actors -
> people, external services) Think of UML Actor. Required to remove dependency
> on Party
>     •	Persistence (file system or database).
>     •	Lang package to provide classes that are fundamental to the framework
>     •	Services.
>     •	Runtime management
> *Initial Approach *
> At this stage we don’t currently have enough information to build our
> implementation roadmap so have agreed on an approach that will help provide
> that information.  The main steps are as follows:
> /*
>     Expand and complete Framework Design Documentation* /
>     a.	We need to describe and define what is meant by each of the 9 areas
> mentioned above. (what is it?, what does it do?).
>     b.	To do this we will write the API specification for each on the wiki
>         (*NOTE*: Even though the API spec will be include Javadoc, we want to
> use the wiki rather than a repository at this stage as we want to validate
> and agree them before any coding starts :-)
>     c.	We will open the API specifications for review and comments from the
> community, and based on feedback, do any updates
>     d.	Once the API specifications are agreed, we will have more information
> about the work involved and should be able to put together an initial
> version of our implementation roadmap
> *Initial Deliverables *
>     •	An API Specification for each of the 9 areas including Javadoc
>     •	An Implementation Roadmap
> *Initial Milestones*
>     •	Completion of each API specification (includes feedback and community
> agreement) giving a total of 9
> *Outstanding  Actions*
>     •	Find out what is involved in setting up a subproject repository and
> mailing list for the subproject within Apache  (Sharan)
>     •	Continue to complete API Spec documentation including Javadoc (Ron and
> Taher, with Adrian for review)
>     •	Review organisation and structure of other frameworks for ideas to
> incorporate (All)
> I hope that I've captured the main points so Taher, Ron and Adrian, please
> feel free to add or update anything that I've missed or misinterpreted.
> I also hope this update has been useful in giving everyone an idea of what
> we are initially planning to do. Please remember that if you are interested
> in helping us to complete the API specification documents or have any ideas
> that you think it would be good to incorporate then please include your
> comments in the various documents. As usual all contributions are welcome!
> Thanks
> Sharan
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