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From Hans Bakker <h.bak...@antwebsystems.com>
Subject Vote: move to git.
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 03:01:12 GMT
As the discussions seem to end, can i propose a vote?

The question : should we convert the master SVN repository of Apache 
OFBIz to a GIT version?
The possible answers are according the apache voting guidelines at: 


    +1: 'Yes lets do it'

  * +0: 'I don't feel strongly about it, but I'm okay with this.'

    -0.5: 'I don't like this idea, but I can't find any rational
    justification for my feelings.'


    ++1: 'Wow! I like this! Let's /do/ it!'


    -0.9: 'I /really/ don't like this, but I'm not going to stand in the
    way if everyone else wants to go ahead with it.'


    +0.9: 'This is a cool idea and i like it, but I don't have time/the
    skills necessary to help out.'

  * -1 'I do not want this.'

Votes will be possible for one week from today.


On 20/04/15 11:38, Hans Bakker wrote:
> As discussed at apachecon in Austin, i propose to switch from svn to 
> git for the ofbiz repository. The main reason being that all major 
> contributors are using git and contributions are cumbersome, further, 
> git allows for better branching and merging.
> Regards,
> Hans

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