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From Adrian Crum <adrian.c...@sandglass-software.com>
Subject Re: VOTE: Begin Replacing OFBiz Framework With Moqui
Date Sun, 26 Apr 2015 19:27:58 GMT
No one is going to invest their time and effort in a POC unless they 
have the approval and support of the community. I don't think you're 
going to see a POC before a vote.

Adrian Crum
Sandglass Software

On 4/26/2015 6:39 PM, Michael Brohl wrote:
> -1 (not binding)
> This is *not* a vote against moving to Moqui or replacing parts of OFBiz
> with Moqui or...
> I simply feel there is not enough discussion, deeper insights in the
> effects, a clear path how to do it etc., at least for me. I would prefer
> to have some scenarios described, take a deeper look at the effects,
> estimate the efforts and resources etc.
> No real company would set up a project of replacing their base products'
> framwork with another one based on the available informations and
> estimations.
> "Begin replacing OFBiz Framework With Moqui": *-1* (right now)
> "Begin to organise a PoC, have a deeper discussion and gather more
> facts": *+1*
> Michael
> ecomify GmbH
> www.ecomify.de
> Am 26.04.15 um 16:44 schrieb Adrian Crum:
>> As was discussed last week, there is some interest in replacing some
>> (or all) of OFBiz with Moqui (http://www.moqui.org/framework/index.html).
>> To the scope reasonable, I propose that we begin by converting the
>> following parts of the OFBiz framework with Moqui:
>> Entity Engine
>> Service Engine
>> Security
>> Other parts of the OFBiz framework could be converted as well, but I
>> think this would be a good starting point, and if is successful, then
>> more of OFBiz can be converted later.
>> I believe we can create a thunk component to help solve compatibility
>> problems, but that is a separate discussion. I only mention it here in
>> case compatibility concerns might influence a vote.

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