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From Youssef Khaye <youssef.kh...@o-toit.com>
Subject Re: Data model questions.
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2015 23:23:47 GMT
Please see inline
Le 15/01/2015 23:21, Ron Wheeler a écrit :
> I my research about data loading and the data model, I have come 
> across may interesting things.
> There are also some questions that I have not been able to answer.
> 1) In entitymodel.xml files I find reference id-ne.
>       <field name="partyIdTo" type="id-ne"></field>
>  What does id-ne mean?
Since ofbiz was designed to work with lost common market databases, we 
can not use a specific database data type in the entitymodel file, 
instead with use a set of type that should be mapped to underlying databse .
look at mapping files at framework/entity/fieldtype
for example : with a postgresql database the id-ne is mapped to 
VARCHAR(20) according to framework/entity/fieldtype/fieldtypepostgres.xml
<field-type-def type="id-ne" sql-type="VARCHAR(20)" java-type="String"/>
> 2) in the seed data for the accounting application there are 
> references to BILL_FROM_VENDOR and many other roleTypeIds
> <entity-engine-xml>
>     <!-- The main Company Internal Organization -->
>     <Party partyId="Company" partyTypeId="PARTY_GROUP"/>
>     <PartyGroup partyId="Company" groupName="Your Company Name Here"/>
>     <PartyRole partyId="Company" roleTypeId="BILL_FROM_VENDOR"/>
> Where are these defined? Is there a place where the valid list of 
> roleTypeIds get loaded.
in general type data should be found in <Component_name>TYpeData.xml 
under data directory for each componenet, since this is related to party 
you should find BILL_FROM_VENDOR in
> 3) There are other TypeIds that seem to have values that might mean 
> things in code
>  <PartyContactMechPurpose partyId="Company" contactMechId="9000" 
> contactMechPurposeTypeId="PAYMENT_LOCATION" fromDate="2000-01-01 
> 00:00:00.000"/>
> Is there some place where the uses of these types are documented?
Sorry I don't know !
> Where loaded in the seed data?
ContactMechTypePurpose data is also defined in 
> If I change this to contactMechPurposeTypeId="PAY_LOCATION"will this 
> cause problems for code.
technically no if you define a new contactMechPurposeType PAY_LOCATION
You may use and IDE search function to find the data you want  :-)
> Ron

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