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From "Jeff Prickett" <kg4...@gmail.com>
Subject Using assertions in the code.
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2014 03:21:46 GMT


I just wanted to ask a quick question. I am researching the codebase and  
do not see any use of assertions in the code (ie the use of the java  
keyword assert). Is this by design because using assertions are not  
advisable in this type of server side environment or simply because they  
have not been utilized by the development team?

I may have a patch for the codebase but it would utilize assert. Of course  
I could always write a version of the patch that does not utilize assert  
but I think the code may come out cleaner and easier to understand if I  
used assert and the usage of assert would be appropriate.

Thanks in advance for your help. Also, is there an irc or chat where ofbiz  
developers congregate?

Thanks again,

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