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From Julien NICOLAS <julien.nico...@nomaka.fr>
Subject Re: Ofbiz Menu widget
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 21:19:59 GMT

I'm sorry but I'm not sure to understand well the goal...
We'll modify the framework to match with bootstrap but, if we have to do 
UI modification, we have to do it in the framework ?!
If macros stay in the framework I don't understand how to be as flexible 
as we need if anytime we have to change framework...

My question is : with your example, you'll define compatible bootstrap 
navbars. But if I want to add something new in it (like avatar picture 
or other feature), do I must change the framework ?
If the answer is yes, I think we are on the wrong way...



Le 29/10/2014 17:09, Gavin Mabie a écrit :
> Hi Julien, Adrian
> IMO that we should try to define all menus via menu widgets. So I'm
> inclined to agree with Adrian on the issue of the main-navigation menu.
> Maybe this is something we should include in our Bootstrap project.
> Loading macros as Visual Visual Theme resources might also address Julien's
> wish to have a more generic way to integrate front-end frameworks.  I also
> support the suggestion that we copy the existing macro to the to be created
> Bootstrap theme and to modify them, as per Adrian's suggestion.  We can
> then address the sub-menu issue in the macros.
> Gavin
> On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 4:50 PM, Adrian Crum <
> adrian.crum@sandglass-software.com> wrote:
>> If you are referring to the main navigation menu:
>> <div id="main-navigation">
>> that uses a template instead of a menu widget - it is done that way simply
>> because no one has tried to do it differently. Personally, I would like to
>> see it changed to a menu widget.
>> Regarding the existing FreeMarker macros: those should be copied to the
>> Bootstrap theme and modified to output Bootstrap-specific HTML. To use the
>> Bootstrap theme, you will need to modify widget.properties to reference the
>> Bootstrap macros.
>> It would be nice to have a more dynamic way to change macros, but it might
>> be best to put that idea on the shelf for now. (Maybe we can make the macro
>> file locations Visual Theme resources - store them in the database.)
>> Adrian Crum
>> Sandglass Software
>> www.sandglass-software.com
>> On 10/29/2014 2:28 PM, Julien NICOLAS wrote:
>>> Adrian,
>>> It's just : Why html structure for sub-menu is not managed like main menu
>>> ?
>>> Is it possible to use sub-menu like main menu ?
>>> Maybe we can move macro from framework folder to theme folder.
>>> hope you understand better in this way :)
>>> Thanks for your help,
>>> Julien.
>>> Le 29/10/2014 15:22, Adrian Crum a écrit :
>>>> I don't understand the question. Could you ask it in another way please?
>>>> Adrian Crum
>>>> Sandglass Software
>>>> www.sandglass-software.com
>>>> On 10/29/2014 1:39 PM, Julien NICOLAS wrote:
>>>>> Hi Gavin, Adrian and all,
>>>>> I was thinking about move sub-menu generation by header.ftl or
>>>>> appbarOpen.ftl in theme folder like main menu...
>>>>> Can we move the macro in the theme folder or create a service that send
>>>>> sub-menu entry sorted list ?
>>>>> It could be useful to create specific webdesign if this section could
>>>>> managed manually.
>>>>> What's your opinion ?
>>>>> Julien.
>>>>> Le 29/10/2014 12:07, Gavin Mabie a écrit :
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> As I'm working on the bootstrap theme branch, I notice that:
>>>>>> 1. menuStringRenderer is out-commettted in the MacroScreenViewhandler
>>>>>> class;
>>>>>> 2. This being the case, that menus get rendered by default through
>>>>>> HtmlMenuRenderer class;
>>>>>> 3. The latter automatically creates <ul><li><ul>
opening tags for every
>>>>>> menus included in a screen definition with a menu item count bigger
>>>>>> than 0;
>>>>>> 4.  This results in an extra <ul> - the first one;
>>>>>> 5.  menu item count does not take sub-menus into account - in fact,
>>>>>> although defined in the xsd, I could not find any examples of the
>>>>>> sub-menu
>>>>>> attribute in any of the *menu,xml.
>>>>>> Is this an issue?Common sense tells me that the menuStringRendere
>>>>>> (is)
>>>>>> part pf the architecture, but that a conscious decision was made
>>>>>> rather
>>>>>> leave it out.
>>>>>> Some guidance please?
>>>>>> Gavin

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