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From biletnikov <biletni...@gmail.com>
Subject Tax calculation for all order adjustments
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2011 16:16:24 GMT
*Current problem:*
we manage tax calculation for products by setting up a tax authority.
The tax rate for products is set with TaxAuthorityRateProduct.
In addition, tax setting for shipping and promotions adjustments can be set
as special flags to each TaxAuthorityRateProduct (tax shipping/promotion Y
or N). However, these 2 adjustments are taxed only if productCategoryId is
empty, and these 2 adjustments look like a hack or temp solution here...
I faced with a problem, where all adjustments must be taxed (very common
case for VAT tax system) and it is very unhandy when you have to control the
tax amount manually. In our case, the system taxes the shipping and
promotion adjustments, but we have to add Sales tax to all another
adjustments manually. 
In addition, OFBiz has tax amount correction logic, which compensates the
tax difference automatically, example:
Prdouct 100 euro   
Sales tax (VAT 19%) = 100 * 0.19 = 19 euro
Shipping charge 10 euro
Sales tax (VAT 19%) = 10 * 0.19 = 1.90 euro
Other adjustment 20 euro
Sales tax (VAT 19%) = 3.80 euro (we have to add it manually)
*Sales tax (VAT 19%) = - 3.80 euro * (it is automatically added difference
to correct the sales tax amount, because the sales tax for other adjustment
is not taken into account.)
and we have to delete the last tax adjustment manually.

As we have TaxAuthorityRateProduct in OFBiz to manage the taxing of
products, so why not to have the same mechanism for all adjustments?
I propose the solution to have the TaxAuthorityRateAdjustment entity.
TaxAuthorityRateAdjustment will have the following fields:

*Tax type*   (Sales Tax, etc)
*Store ID*
*Adjustment Type or (All adjustments)*
Title Transfer   ???  (I do not know, what can you suggest?)
*Tax Percentage *
*From Date *
*Thru Date*

The settings will be placed in the separate "Adjustment rates" tab, near to
"Product rates" (Tax Authority settings).
The UI should be very similar!

RE: TaxAuthorityRateProduct
we should retire 
*Tax Shipping*
*Tax Promotions*

The tax calculation service must be reworked,

<service name="calcTax" engine="java"
       <description>Tax Authority Rate Product Calc Service</description>
       <implements service="calcTaxInterface"/>

   <service name="calcTaxInterface" engine="interface" location=""
       <description>Tax Calc Service Interface</description>
       <attribute name="productStoreId" type="String" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="facilityId" type="String" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="payToPartyId" type="String" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="billToPartyId" type="String" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="itemProductList" type="java.util.List" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="itemAmountList" type="java.util.List" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="itemPriceList" type="java.util.List" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="itemQuantityList" type="java.util.List" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="itemShippingList" type="java.util.List" mode="IN"
*       <attribute name="orderShippingAmount" type="BigDecimal" mode="IN"
       <attribute name="orderPromotionsAmount" type="BigDecimal" mode="IN"
*       <attribute name="shippingAddress"
type="org.ofbiz.entity.GenericValue" mode="IN" optional="true"/>
       <attribute name="orderAdjustments" type="java.util.List" mode="OUT"
       <attribute name="itemAdjustments" type="java.util.List" mode="OUT"

This interface must have /OrderAdjustment/ list as IN parameter. 

That is my draft solution.
Any ideas? What is your opinion?

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