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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: jquey
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 20:22:02 GMT
Ryan Foster wrote:
> What about creating a tag or branch before the merge so that users who have custom projects
or applications based on the trunk
> have a reference point in the event that they want to freeze their applications at a
particular revision?

Yes, that's what I have proposed. With another option: to have a branch. But I think the later
is more a fork and I prefer the 1st.

> Oh and +1 on merging in JQuery.  I am all for consolidating/simplifying our Javascript
libraries.  No reason to have 3 libraries
> that all essentially do the same thing.  In the end, Javascript is Javascript.  My heart
says we should have chosen Prototype as
> that one (as anyone who knows me would agree, I'm a big Prototype JS evangelist).  But,
my head says that JQuery is the right
> choice for the long-term growth and success of the project, as it has definitely become
the drug of choice for a majority of
> developers and has much more wide-spread community involvement as far as development
of plugins is concerned.

I think we now all agree on that


> Ryan L. Foster
> 801.671.0769
> contact@ryanlfoster.com
> On Dec 2, 2010, at 11:18 AM, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>> I'm sorry for Bruno, but it seems everybody is looking forward for this merging.
So hopefully I will do it soon.
>> If you are interested you can already check https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-3814
>> Jacques
>> Michael Xu (xudong) wrote:
>>> +1
>>> Yeah, I would love such a great Xmas present :-)
>>>> You're welcome
>>>> +1
>>>> Would be a great Xmas present to merge all the stuff into the trunk :-)
>>>> Am 02.12.2010 um 10:59 schrieb Erwan de FERRIERES <
>>>> erwan.de-ferrieres@nereide.fr>:
>>>>> Le 02/12/2010 10:35, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :
>>>>>> Looks like, apart Bruno, we are all on the same page so far
>>>>>> Other opinions, ideas?
>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>>> Jacques
>>>>> The sooner the better !
>>>>> Thanks for all your work, Jacques and Sascha
>>>>> --
>>>>> Erwan de FERRIERES
>>>>> www.nereide.biz

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