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From Scott Gray <scott.g...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: Repurpose AddressMatchMap
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2010 04:11:01 GMT
After having a look at it here is my updated proposition:
1. Add new ValueMatchMap and ValueMatchMapType entities as follows
- mapKey *
- mapValue *
- valueMatchMapTypeId *
- sequenceNum

- valueMatchMapTypeId *
- description

2.  Add seed data types ADDRESS_LINE and GROUP_NAME

3. Write a migration service for AddressMatchMap to ValueMatchMap

4. Change the existing AddressMapMatch services to the new entity

5. Rename AddressMatchMap to OldAddressMatchMap

Thoughts are welcome.


On 3/08/2010, at 9:54 PM, Scott Gray wrote:

> Hi All,
> I need to do some company name matching where something like AddressMatchMap would come
in handy so that I can replace things like "Co." with "Company", "Inc." with "Incorporated"
etc. while performing the matching.
> Does anyone mind if I add the Type pattern to AddressMatchMap so I can reuse the same
entity for a different purpose?  Ideally I would also rename the entity to something more
generic, but probably won't have enough time in the first pass.
> Please let me know if there are any objections or questions.
> Many thanks
> Scott

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