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From Adam Heath <doo...@brainfood.com>
Subject Re: Rev 935381 (was: no permission for /partymgr, user admin)
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2010 01:49:27 GMT
Adrian Crum wrote:
> --- On Sat, 7/24/10, Adam Heath <doogie@brainfood.com> wrote:
>> Adrian Crum wrote:
>>> I'm forwarding this to the dev list because this is
>> the second time this problem has been encountered in a
>> week.
>>> Rev 935381 changed how the framework loads/includes
>> converter classes. The new method depends on a newer version
>> of ant. Anyone using an older version of ant ends up with an
>> OFBiz installation that won't run.
>>> Should we put the converter class loading back the way
>> it was, or just keep telling users to upgrade to a newer
>> version of ant? Any other suggestions?
>> Upgrade ant.  ant 1.7.0 places things into
>> META-INF/service, instead
>> of META-INF/services, which is patently wrong.
>> The reason that ant is used to create those entries, is so
>> that 'test'
>> classes can be placed into a separate set of jars, which
>> allows
>> installations to be made smaller(without including the test
>> classes).
>>  This also reduces memory utilization in the permgen space,
>> reduces
>> all classloader/classpath work(catalina comes to mind),
>> etc.

How about 978957?

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