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From Bruno Busco <bruno.bu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Discussion: BuildBot component independence check
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 11:30:13 GMT
if I proposed the BuildBot to be setup to check for the dependencies
is because I do not think that making noise about this is enough.
Framework separation is something we speak about since a lot of time
but no steps have been done because, I guess, it is not a community
high priority, but, only a wish.

Setting the BuildBot will:
1) make all aware of what really means for the community the
framework-only installation. We will start with a certain component
set installed, we will then discuss if this or that application should
be included or not and then we will end with a final decision.
2) for sure we will have a failed build at the beginning but we will
also have clear what are the dependence issues and all community can
work to reduce them (or at least to not increase theme)
3) when the framework-only build will be ok we could use the BuildBot
to daily build, test and package as we do with the complete OFBiz.


2010/1/2 Scott Gray <scott.gray@hotwaxmedia.com>:
> Doesn't the build order prevent this?  If one were to try and add a java
> dependency from the framework to the applications then the build would fail
> would it not?
> While it is certainly possible, I'm entirely convinced of the need to use
> buildbot for this.  The reason buildbot is great for the tests is because it
> is so easy to unwittingly break them yet difficult to track down and fix
> after the fact.
> With component dependencies all that is really required is a firm
> understanding by all committers of what the dependencies are and why they
> should be enforced.  I really think it's easy to avoid creating dependency
> problems by simply being aware of them and for the most part they are pretty
> easy to spot and to fix.  I would suggest that the main reason there are
> problems right now is because no one is making enough noise about the
> dependencies not being enforced.
> Additionally, there is no point setting up a buildbot process that is going
> to fail so the dependencies would need to be fixed before this discussion
> can really come to any sort of resolution.  At that point the community may
> wish to consider completely separating the framework and applications as sub
> projects and if that happened then we'd need to setup completely different
> buildbot processes and the dependency issue would become somewhat irrelevant
> by complete separation.
> Regards
> Scott
> HotWax Media
> http://www.hotwaxmedia.com
> On 2/01/2010, at 11:31 PM, Bruno Busco wrote:
>> This is OK for the runtime but will still make available all the
>> packages during the build process.
>> Some unwanted java code dependencies would not be spotted out.
>> -Bruno
>> 2010/1/2 Jacopo Cappellato <jacopo.cappellato@hotwaxmedia.com>:
>>> Instead of deleting folders the script could set the enabled="false"
>>> attribute in the ofbiz-component.xml files.
>>> Jacopo
>>> On Jan 2, 2010, at 10:27 AM, Bruno Busco wrote:
>>>> Thank you Adam,
>>>> unfortunately I am not familiar with debian packages yet (consider
>>>> that I normally work under Windows).
>>>> In any case, what was my original goal, was to define some script or
>>>> whatever that could generate, starting from a fresh complete OFBiz
>>>> checkout, a modified OFBiz tree that could be used to build a partial
>>>> OFBiz configuration.
>>>> The script should be able to delete some directories and to apply some
>>>> SVN patches (tipically to change component-load.xml and build.xml
>>>> files).
>>>> I think that having these scripts in the SVN tree and using them in
>>>> the BuildBot to get these additional builds could help us to gradually
>>>> reduce components dependencies.
>>>> Should we simply add some more ant targets? It seems that ant can do
>>>> the job and works both on Linux and Windows.
>>>> -Bruno
>>>> 2010/1/1 Adam Heath <doogie@brainfood.com>:
>>>>> Bruno Busco wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Adam,
>>>>>> thank you for the hint but I need some other (basic) information.
>>>>>> How should I use the debian package?
>>>>>> What is intended for?
>>>>>> I see a .pl script. Can I use it to get a partial (framework-only)
>>>>>> deploy directory from a checked out OFBiz working directory ?
>>>>>> Sorry for this basic questions.
>>>>> Update the debian/changelog, to at least contain the current svn
>>>>> version. Update the date.  Do this by making a new stanza.
>>>>> debian/rules clean
>>>>> debian/rules binary
>>>>> Install debs that get created in ..
>>>>> There may be a few things that don't work, I've got a local git branch
>>>>> that has a few very small improvements in debian/* that need to be
>>>>> added.
>>>>> The packages do *not* support upgrades between different ofbiz
>>>>> versions, because ofbiz doesn't support that itself.

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