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From Bruno Busco <bruno.bu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Discussion: BuildBot component independence check
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 10:31:19 GMT
This is OK for the runtime but will still make available all the
packages during the build process.
Some unwanted java code dependencies would not be spotted out.


2010/1/2 Jacopo Cappellato <jacopo.cappellato@hotwaxmedia.com>:
> Instead of deleting folders the script could set the enabled="false" attribute in the
ofbiz-component.xml files.
> Jacopo
> On Jan 2, 2010, at 10:27 AM, Bruno Busco wrote:
>> Thank you Adam,
>> unfortunately I am not familiar with debian packages yet (consider
>> that I normally work under Windows).
>> In any case, what was my original goal, was to define some script or
>> whatever that could generate, starting from a fresh complete OFBiz
>> checkout, a modified OFBiz tree that could be used to build a partial
>> OFBiz configuration.
>> The script should be able to delete some directories and to apply some
>> SVN patches (tipically to change component-load.xml and build.xml
>> files).
>> I think that having these scripts in the SVN tree and using them in
>> the BuildBot to get these additional builds could help us to gradually
>> reduce components dependencies.
>> Should we simply add some more ant targets? It seems that ant can do
>> the job and works both on Linux and Windows.
>> -Bruno
>> 2010/1/1 Adam Heath <doogie@brainfood.com>:
>>> Bruno Busco wrote:
>>>> Hi Adam,
>>>> thank you for the hint but I need some other (basic) information.
>>>> How should I use the debian package?
>>>> What is intended for?
>>>> I see a .pl script. Can I use it to get a partial (framework-only)
>>>> deploy directory from a checked out OFBiz working directory ?
>>>> Sorry for this basic questions.
>>> Update the debian/changelog, to at least contain the current svn
>>> version. Update the date.  Do this by making a new stanza.
>>> debian/rules clean
>>> debian/rules binary
>>> Install debs that get created in ..
>>> There may be a few things that don't work, I've got a local git branch
>>> that has a few very small improvements in debian/* that need to be added.
>>> The packages do *not* support upgrades between different ofbiz
>>> versions, because ofbiz doesn't support that itself.

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