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From Bruno Busco <bruno.bu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Discussion: BuildBot component independence check
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 09:27:48 GMT
Thank you Adam,
unfortunately I am not familiar with debian packages yet (consider
that I normally work under Windows).

In any case, what was my original goal, was to define some script or
whatever that could generate, starting from a fresh complete OFBiz
checkout, a modified OFBiz tree that could be used to build a partial
OFBiz configuration.

The script should be able to delete some directories and to apply some
SVN patches (tipically to change component-load.xml and build.xml

I think that having these scripts in the SVN tree and using them in
the BuildBot to get these additional builds could help us to gradually
reduce components dependencies.

Should we simply add some more ant targets? It seems that ant can do
the job and works both on Linux and Windows.


2010/1/1 Adam Heath <doogie@brainfood.com>:
> Bruno Busco wrote:
>> Hi Adam,
>> thank you for the hint but I need some other (basic) information.
>> How should I use the debian package?
>> What is intended for?
>> I see a .pl script. Can I use it to get a partial (framework-only)
>> deploy directory from a checked out OFBiz working directory ?
>> Sorry for this basic questions.
> Update the debian/changelog, to at least contain the current svn
> version. Update the date.  Do this by making a new stanza.
> debian/rules clean
> debian/rules binary
> Install debs that get created in ..
> There may be a few things that don't work, I've got a local git branch
> that has a few very small improvements in debian/* that need to be added.
> The packages do *not* support upgrades between different ofbiz
> versions, because ofbiz doesn't support that itself.

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