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From Bilgin Ibryam <bibr...@iguanait.com>
Subject Re: Discussion: Recurrence Rules - Part 2
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 09:44:31 GMT
On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 11:44 -0700, Adrian Crum wrote:
> More thoughts on recurrence rules...
> 1. I can't determine the purpose of the following fields:
> RecurrenceRule.bySetPosList
No idea

> RecurrenceRule.weekStart
Could be used to determine the Week start day, but after adding localization probably will
be redundant.

> RecurrenceRule.xName
No idea

What about adding a new description field to RecurrenceInfo (and may be
to RecurrenceRule)? This field will be useful when searching/choosing a
recurrence from recurrence lookup screen. I got this idea while creating
the lookup screen for recurrence... 

> They don't seem to be used anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
> 2. The RecurrenceInfo.recurrenceDateTimes and 
> RecurrenceInfo.exceptionDateTimes fields should not be used. They seem 
> to duplicate the information found in RecurrenceRule and there is no way 
> of knowing what the field contents mean. For example: what time zone is 
> the date/time referencing? The server's or the user's? What calendar 
> does the field represent?
> I'd like to deprecate those two fields.


> 3. I'm thinking there might be a need to add a recurrenceTimeZone field 
> to RecurrenceInfo. The work I'm doing right now enables you to specify a 
> time zone at run time (the user's time zone for example), and if you 
> don't specify one then the server's time zone is used. I'm wondering if 
> there would be a need to set up a recurrence referenced to a certain 
> time zone.



> Comments are welcome.
> -Adrian

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