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From Jonathon -- Improov <j...@improov.com>
Subject Re: UtilProperties Idea - please comment
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 01:46:30 GMT

How about getting FlexibleProperties to implement Map, in addition to Properties?


Adrian Crum wrote:
> I've been working on the UtilProperties class to clean up some of the 
> code, improving the cache handling algorithm, improve support for i18n, 
> and add support for the new XML properties file format.
> I believe we could really improve the performance of OFBiz if we cached 
> FastMap instances instead of java.util.Properties instances. That would 
> require a slight change in the UtilProperties API - 
> UtilProperties.getProperties(...) would return a Map instance instead of 
> a Properties instance.
> Doing so wouldn't have a large impact on the existing code base - there 
> are only a handful of places where UtilProperties.getProperties(...) is 
> called. The problem would be legacy installations - custom code that 
> calls UtilProperties.getProperties(...) would break.
> Should I change the existing method signature, or add the new methods 
> and deprecate the old ones?
> -Adrian

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