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From "Al Byers" <bye...@automationgroups.com>
Subject More on testing
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2006 14:10:23 GMT
I would like to see discussion about testing kept alive, so I have
taken the unprecedented step of doing some investigation on my own -
but not much; I am counting on the community picking this up and
helping us get to a useful OFBiz standard solution.

As I learn more, I see that the capture/playback mode of Grinder is
very limited. The next step up seems to be WebTest with its ability to
script tests. WebTest, essentially, emulates a browser and looks like
it would be very eary to use - especially for acceptance testing.
Grinder may be a better tool for performance testing.

Selenium goes one step further and, instead of emulating a browser, it
installs a Javascript shell in the browser (after it starts the
browser automatically from the selenium server) and receives requests
from the server (request that you send to the server, either
interactively or via scripts), causes the browser, itself, to execute
those requests, thereby testing the web application under test.

There seems to be much more to getting a selenium environment working,
but it would appear that the testing would be more rigourous. This is
where the size of the OFBiz community should help. Whereas, it may not
be cost-effective for one party to get selenium working for their own
use, we should be able to tap into the experience of the entire
community to get a ready cookbook for setting up selenium and for
writing tests for various standard modules. Also, there would be many
reusable subtest and techniques that could be shared.

It would seem that Selenium would be the way to go as OFBiz interfaces
start using more AJAX interactions - because it uses actual browsers
to run the tests.

Of course, I am getting ahead of myself - annointing a winner before
there has been a consensus.

Anyone have some experience/s to share?


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