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From Si Chen <sic...@opensourcestrategies.com>
Subject Re: ofbiz in an order fulfillment capacity
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 14:07:39 GMT

We're big fans of Ruby on Rails here and would *love* to see a rails  
- OFBiz/opentaps integration.  I think SOAP is the right way to go.   
I think you would just modify the services.xml and add an  
export="true" and OFBiz would turn it on for you.  I'd love to see  
what kind of front end you come up with.

Where I'm a little concerned with your idea is the order part--are  
you going to create a whole order entry capability in Rails?  That  
could be quite a bit of work.  The OFBiz shopping cart is not a  
service but a Java object.  Would you need to access that?  I guess  
it'd help to get a little more detail.

A FedEx shipping manager would be great.  We'll try to help out in  
our copious spare time.


On Aug 4, 2006, at 1:49 AM, Alex Caudill wrote:

> Firstly, thanks for contributing this fantastic piece of software  
> to the
> global community. If it were proprietary, I would literally be a  
> bit poorer
> now.
> I'm working on the software for an order fulfillment company. Ofbiz  
> seems
> like the best starting point, but the lack of multi-tenancy support is
> somewhat troublesome.
> To clarify, an order fulfillment company in this context means
> a company that fulfills orders for other companies (clients, in our
> nomenclature).  Clients have orders associated with them, and  
> naturally
> there is a fairly complex pricing structure. OFBiz seems ready to  
> deal with
> this sort of association.
> My main issue is product management and order entry on a per-client  
> basis.
> My first thought was to write a front-end to OpenTaps using Ruby on  
> Rails.
> The idea is, when we get a new client, we use the OFBiz party  
> manager to
> create a party classification group, and create a new  
> other_organization
> party called "Fulfillment Client". Then, we add to this party a
> user with web service access.
> Each instance of a shipment, arrival, and order will have to then be
> associated with a Fulfillment Client.
> I then create a set of Ruby on Rails models to speak with OFBiz via
> SOAP, and implement a very straightforward interface for order and
> product management.
> Does this seem insane?
> Where can I find, or how can I generate, WSDL files?
> Is there any documentation on this?
> Any thoughts, suggestions, links to good reading material?
> I'm also working on code to integrate OpenTaps with the FedEx Ship  
> Manager
> Server (to automate the printing of shipping labels and pricing,  
> sadly Win32
> only but it should also work with their web API), and I'd like to  
> contribute
> this back to the community under the Apache license. It's in a  
> rough state
> at the moment, I haven't actually set up the Ship Manager Server so  
> I can't
> test it yet, but I think I got it mostly right. If anyone is  
> interested in
> having a look at this, let me know and I'll send it to you.
> Thanks again!
> P.S. Yes, it's 4am, please disregard any percieved senility, thanks =)

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