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From Jacopo Cappellato <...@sastau.it>
Subject Price Agreements with customers
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 09:22:10 GMT
Hi all,

I've implemented a new price list feature that can be used to set up 
price lists for specific customers. It is based on the Agreement data model.
There are only two relevant changes (please see the attached patch) 
needed, and I'd really love to get your feedback about them before 

a) added a new price field to the AgreementProductAppl entity
b) added a new optional input parameter, "agreementId", to the 
calculateProductPrice service; if the agreementId is passed, and if a 
valid price for the product is found in the AgreementProductAppl entity, 
this price overrides the default price in the ProductPrice entity.

Here are the steps needed to test this stuff:

* create an agreement (of type sales) between the Company and the customer
* create an agreement item of type price list for a given currency
* associate products to the price list (agreement item) and set the 
price there (this is a new field AgreementProductAppl.price)
* when you start a sales order, select the agreement


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