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From Chris Howe <cjhowe76...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Ofbiz and Ruby on Rails
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 03:30:48 GMT
Judging by the responses I think I misunderstand RoR. 
In my newly introduced mind I see RoR being of the
same kind of animal as the OFBiz framework.  In that
mindset it would be a replacement of sorts.

I was trying to weigh whether it would be easier to
expand OFBiz's UI capabilities with AJAX and getting a
consensus on what an OFBiz template should and should
not include (ie OFBiz standards) for modularity sake
and what not or to rewrite OFBiz's busines logic in

The majority of the actual usefulness that I saw with
RoR was the way it "consumes" data be it from a local
database or a webservice.

So, my question was more towards what is the ofbiz
framework giving us that Ror can't or doesn't easily. 

And what benefits does RoR offer that can/can't be
replicated in OFBiz?

--- David E Jones <jonesde@undersunconsulting.com>

> This is an interesting topic from an infrastructure
> perspective. It  
> sounds like there is some suggestion of
> incorporating it into the  
> framework and moving to it as the standard UI layer
> tool set...
> Has anyone done any conversions of existing OFBiz
> artifacts to  
> compare size and complexity and establish some
> prospective tools or  
> patterns for integration with other pieces and such?
> Actually, from a  
> PoC perspective once could do the same things we did
> early on with  
> OFBiz: define the artifacts and make sure we can
> define everything we  
> want, and then build the engine behind them. In
> other words we  
> defined XSD (or DTD in the early days) files, and
> some text XML files  
> based on them to develop towards and support. These
> were written to  
> replace specific pages, usually picking a more
> complicated one. For  
> example, the first form widget form in OFBiz was the
> EditProduct form  
> with the two columns and such, and that form
> definition existed even  
> before the form widget engine.
> This sort of PoC effort would be the first step for
> anything like this.
> -David
> On Aug 4, 2006, at 6:45 PM, Leon Torres wrote:
> > Yeah we've been looking into this kind of thing
> and talking to some  
> > people about Rails and OFBiz.  This is actually a
> huge topic which  
> > might be better discussed at a conference or
> something.
> >
> > - Leon
> >
> >
> > Chris Howe wrote:
> >> Si and Leon and others,
> >> I just started to look at some Ruby on Rails
> stuff and
> >> was curious as to your impressions of what
> aspects of
> >> OFBiz could not be replicated in RoR.  Or is it
> >> possible to get off Java entirely?  How much of
> OFBiz
> >> could be entirely reused vs. how much would just
> be
> >> translating templates, etc?

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