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From hans...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r744791 - in /ofbiz/site/dtds: widget-form.xsd widget-menu.xsd
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 02:27:41 GMT
Author: hansbak
Date: Mon Feb 16 02:27:40 2009
New Revision: 744791

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=744791&view=rev
menu and form xsd update


Modified: ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-form.xsd
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-form.xsd?rev=744791&r1=744790&r2=744791&view=diff
--- ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-form.xsd (original)
+++ ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-form.xsd Mon Feb 16 02:27:40 2009
@@ -454,9 +454,21 @@
-        <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="use-when">
+        <xs:attribute name="use-when" type="xs:string">
             <xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Used to specify a condition that
must be true to use this field; the condition should be written using the Java syntax and
can operate on values in the form context; if this is used the field will only be put on the
field list, and not in the field map meaning that values for this field cannot be overridden.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation>
+        <xs:attribute name="encode-output" default="true">
+            <xs:annotation><xs:documentation>
+                This is for textual output only. If true data shown in fields will be encoded
so that it does not interfere with markup of the target output.
+                For example, if output is HTML then data presented will be HTML encoded so
that all HTML-specific characters are escaped.
+            </xs:documentation></xs:annotation>
+            <xs:simpleType>
+                <xs:restriction base="xs:token">
+                    <xs:enumeration value="true"/>
+                    <xs:enumeration value="false"/>
+                </xs:restriction>
+            </xs:simpleType>
+        </xs:attribute>
         <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="event">
             <xs:annotation><xs:documentation>Used to specify javascript events
that should be attached to fields.</xs:documentation></xs:annotation>

Modified: ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-menu.xsd
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-menu.xsd?rev=744791&r1=744790&r2=744791&view=diff
--- ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-menu.xsd (original)
+++ ofbiz/site/dtds/widget-menu.xsd Mon Feb 16 02:27:40 2009
@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@
     <xs:attributeGroup name="attlist.menu-item">
         <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="name" use="required"/>
         <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="title"/>
+        <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="parent-portal-page-value"><xs:annotation><xs:documentation>an
expanded value of the parentPortalPageId in the Portal entity, will insert buttons using the
portalId as the menuitem name portalPageName as the buttom title</xs:documentation></xs:annotation></xs:attribute>
         <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="tooltip"/>
         <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="title-style"/>
         <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="widget-style"/>

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