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From "Nowakowski, Mateusz" <Mateusz.Nowakow...@sabre-holdings.com>
Subject BpelEvent.eventContext deprecated and is null for some events
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 14:38:01 GMT
Hi all

I noticed that EventContext class is not considered deprecated. It means
it would be removed in later version of ODE.

I read in previous emails that the reason is that eventContext cannot
provide variables which are persistent.

But we are using only in-memory process and we need access to variables
to make somehow correlate BPEL events/logs with underlying JBI message
exchange. Maybe is good decision to do not deprecate EventContext, but
do not pass it when process is persistent, or change EventContext class


The second thing I noticed is that BpelEvent.eventContext is null for
such bpel events:
ProcessInstanceStartedEvent, ProcessInstanceStateChangeEvent,
VariableReadEvent, ProcessMessageExchangeEvent, ProcessCompletionEvent

I understand that for example ProcessInstanceStartedEvent there is no
variables set, but for ProcessMessageExchangeEvent and
ProcessCompletionEvent should be available.

Mateusz Nowakowski

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