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From Nicolas Modrzyk <Nicolas.Modr...@macnica.com>
Subject Re: Extend BPEL
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 08:34:41 GMT
Hi Matthieu,

> So to conclude, I'd just recommend you add your code directly into  
> existing
> classes, without trying to "partition" things. It doesn't mean that  
> things
> can't be refactored if parts of the existing code doesn't play nice  
> though
> or that you can't use separate packages, just that BPEL4People, I  
> think,
> doesn't need to be something pluggable. So you would just have the  
> same
> compiler, add BOM elements for BPEL4People activities, add methods  
> on the
> existing BPEL BOM to support BPEL4People extension attributes, add  
> needed
> XPath functions and that's pretty much it.
> Does that make sense to you? Any other opinion?

Your point definitely makes sense.
I was trying to avoid duplicating code and indeed adding the new b4p  
activities directly to the bpel compiler seems like the better match  
for working with ode.
Guess I will give more feedback if/when I run into some troubles.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer.


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