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From Alex Boisvert <boisv...@intalio.com>
Subject Re: Ode jbi-examples
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 02:03:32 GMT

Hi Guillaume,

No problem about the jbi-examples, I'm happy to see we're working in the 
same direction!

Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> This leads me to several questions / remarks.
>  * does the current jbi component expect a wsdl 1.1 wrapped message as
> defined in the spec ?
We currently have a ServiceMix-specific adapter class (*) that expects 
the content of the SOAP:Body directly in the message.  I'm hoping move 
everything to WSDL 1.1-wrapped messages soon and have been working on a 
patch for ServiceMix to do just that.   We'll see if I can get it done 
before I leave for vacation next week!


>  * i have fixed SM-488, will you be able to check that ?

Yes, I will.  The changes you made looked good.  

>  * from a JBI pov, it would be easier to use WSDL 2 (which would avoid 
> the
> need to wrap the message)
I'm not sure it would be easier and I'm not sure it would really avoid 
the need to wrap the message because we still need to map some headers 
into the message content for some use-cases where processes want to 
access protocol headers.  And I don't know exactly what it would look 
like (see comment below) since the WSDL 2.0 meta-meta-meta-model still 
eludes me.

>     Would it be theorically possible to support it ? I know that bpel is
> defined on wsdl 1.1, so i'm not sure if it would be possible to use 
> wsdl 2
Yes, from what I hear it's theoricaly feasible but I don't know what the 
message should/would look like.  I believe there would be no message 
parts and the whole message would be described with (assumingly) 
XSchema.  Maybe Assaf can comment?

>  * when a bpel process send a jbi exchange, it seems you have to 
> completely
> define the target jbi endpoint
>     in the deployment descriptor.  I think it should be enhanced to 
> support
> only the service name or an
>     interface name (which would be the port type name defined in the 
> wsdl)
>     We could also use URIs ( see
> http://servicemix.goopen.org/site/uris.html) which leverage JBI external
> endpoint
>     resolution.
Yes, I've been meaning to support only service name or only interface 
name after I get the basic examples working.   Same for external 
endpoints, PXE should be able to resolve just about any EPRs given to it.


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