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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [incubator-nuttx] Oxore opened a new issue #912: tmpfs: tmpfs_statfs recursively removes files
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2020 23:10:24 GMT

Oxore opened a new issue #912:

   # Steps to reproduce
   ## Prerequisites
   Linux environment. `arm-none-eabi-gcc` toolchain, gcc version 9.3.0. QEMU with ARM emulation.
   **NuttX commit:** 5b839061f960cadb3fda19a51679484b95f8d6e3
   **Apps commit:** dcc620e6b8418f81615f7875db56ed443ac642d6
   ## Preparation
   Let's assume we have cloned NuttX repo into `/nuttx` and apps repo into `/apps`.  Current
working directory: `/nuttx`. Prepare config:
       ./tools/ -l -a ../apps lm3s6965-ek:nsh
   Adjust configuration:
       CROSSDEV=arm-none-eabi- make
       qemu-system-arm -M lm3s6965evb -kernel ./nuttx
   Go to `serial0` (Ctrl+Alt+3) and get the console.
   ## Actual steps to reproduce
   At `nsh` prompt type:
       mkdir /tmp/dir
       echo >/tmp/file
       echo >/tmp/dir/file2
       ls /tmp
       ls /tmp/dir
   You can see created files and directory. Now run the following:
       cat /proc/fs/usage
   then run:
       ls /tmp
       ls /tmp/dir
   There is no `/tmp/dir/file2` anymore, but `/tmp/file` still exists, though. So files in
`/tmp` always exist, but any directory in `/tmp` becomes recursively cleaned up.
   I expect, that when I run `df`, all my files in `/tmp` and deeper do not get changed or
deleted, but they disappear.
   # Possible fix or just pointing to a buggy line of code
   When file `/proc/fs/tmpfs` is being read, it's `read` op calls `tmpfs_statfs`, that has
subsequent call to `tmpfs_foreach`, which contains unconditional recursive call to itself
with `tmpfs_free_callout` value being passed to the argument `callout`. This is why all files
**in all directories of** `/tmp` disappear, but files and directories in `/tmp` (the root
of `tmpfs`) stay on.
   Here is an "one line" fix:
   diff --git a/fs/tmpfs/fs_tmpfs.c b/fs/tmpfs/fs_tmpfs.c
   index 43fb0fc081..915ccb6aec 100644
   --- a/fs/tmpfs/fs_tmpfs.c
   +++ b/fs/tmpfs/fs_tmpfs.c
   @@ -1322,7 +1322,7 @@ static int tmpfs_foreach(FAR struct tmpfs_directory_s *tdo,
               * action will be to delete the directory.
   -          ret = tmpfs_foreach(next, tmpfs_free_callout, NULL);
   +          ret = tmpfs_foreach(next, callout, arg);
              if (ret < 0)
                  return -ECANCELED;
   **Does it fix the bug?** Yes, it looks like it fixes it. If we create more files we get
values increased in `df` output for `/tmp` and all files in `/tmp` and in it's directories
   **Does it introduce more bugs?** I don't know.
   How can I test it? I hope that original author has better understanding of what is going
on here and how to properly fix the bug.
   I can try to open a pull request and carefully adjust all the code around, if somebody
explain how I test my changes or at least point the places where to put attention to.

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