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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [incubator-nuttx] masayuki2009 commented on issue #802: Locking case in SMP mode
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2020 23:04:03 GMT

masayuki2009 commented on issue #802:

   > @xiaoxiang781216 I've just confirmed the deadlock. I will take a look at what is happening
   (gdb) target extended-remote:1234                                                     
   Remote debugging using :1234                                                          
   up_testset () at armv7-a/arm_testset.S:120                                            
   120             mov             r0, #SP_LOCKED                                        
   (gdb) info thread                                                                     
     Id   Target Id                  Frame                                               
   * 1    Thread 1 (CPU#0 [running]) up_testset () at armv7-a/arm_testset.S:120          
     2    Thread 2 (CPU#1 [running]) 0x10802eb0 in spin_trylock_wo_note () at semaphore/spinlock.c:178
     3    Thread 3 (CPU#2 [halted ]) 0x108081cc in up_idle () at chip/imx_idle.c:59      
     4    Thread 4 (CPU#3 [halted ]) 0x108081cc in up_idle () at chip/imx_idle.c:59      
   (gdb) where                                                                           
   #0  up_testset () at armv7-a/arm_testset.S:120                                        
   #1  0x10802e70 in spin_lock (lock=lock@entry=0x10829379 <g_cpu_paused+1> "\001")
at semaphore/spinlock.c:89                                                               
   #2  0x10801250 in up_cpu_pause (cpu=cpu@entry=1) at armv7-a/arm_cpupause.c:282        
   #3  0x10813164 in sched_addreadytorun (btcb=btcb@entry=0x10836eb0) at sched/sched_addreadytorun.c:280
   #4  0x10808148 in up_unblock_task (tcb=0x10836eb0) at armv7-a/arm_unblocktask.c:102   
   #5  0x10802e28 in nxsem_post (sem=sem@entry=0x10837f94) at semaphore/sem_post.c:165   
   #6  0x10804068 in nxtask_exitwakeup (status=277052944, tcb=0x10837e10) at task/task_exithook.c:547
   #7  nxtask_exithook (tcb=0x10837e10, status=status@entry=0, nonblocking=nonblocking@entry=0
'\000') at task/task_exithook.c:677                                                      
   #8  0x10803438 in exit (status=0) at task/exit.c:96                                   
   #9  0x1080341c in nxtask_start () at task/task_start.c:151                            
   #10 0x00000000 in ?? ()                                                            
   (gdb) thread 2                                                                        
   [Switching to thread 2 (Thread 2)]                                                    
   #0  0x10802eb0 in spin_trylock_wo_note () at semaphore/spinlock.c:178                 
   178       return SP_UNLOCKED;                                                         
   (gdb) where                                                                           
   #0  0x10802eb0 in spin_trylock_wo_note () at semaphore/spinlock.c:178                 
   #1  0x10802638 in irq_waitlock (cpu=1) at irq/irq_csection.c:137                      
   #2  0x10802734 in enter_critical_section () at irq/irq_csection.c:345                 
   #3  0x10806154 in ramlog_addchar (priv=priv@entry=0x10829130 <g_sysdev>, ch=ch@entry=97
'a') at syslog/ramlog.c:230                                                              
   #4  0x10806478 in ramlog_putc (ch=97) at syslog/ramlog.c:749                          
   #5  0x10814c48 in syslogstream_putc (ch=<optimized out>, this=<optimized out>)
at syslog/syslog_stream.c:174                                                            
   #6  syslogstream_putc (this=0x1082fb8c <g_irqstack_alloc+4004>, ch=97) at syslog/syslog_stream.c:130
   #7  0x10806d60 in vsprintf_internal (arglist=0x0, numargs=0, ap=..., fmt=<optimized
out>, stream=0x1082fb8c <g_irqstack_alloc+4004>) at stdio/lib_libvsprintf.c:909 
   #8  lib_vsprintf (stream=0x1082fb8c <g_irqstack_alloc+4004>, stream@entry=0x1082fb84
<g_irqstack_alloc+3996>, fmt=fmt@entry=0x10820de6 "%s: cpu = %d, irq %d.\n", ap=...)
at stdio/lib_libvsprintf.c:1278                                                          
   #9  0x10814c1c in nx_vsyslog (priority=priority@entry=3, fmt=0x10820de6 "%s: cpu = %d,
irq %d.\n", fmt@entry=0x10807434 <vsyslog+36> "\f\320\215\342\004\360\235\344T\221\202\020\016",
ap=0x1082fbac <g_irqstack_alloc+4036>, ap@entry=0x1082fba4 <g_irqstack_alloc+4028>)
at syslog/vsyslog.c:148                                                                  
   #10 0x10807434 in vsyslog (priority=priority@entry=3, fmt=fmt@entry=0x10807434 <vsyslog+36>
"\f\320\215\342\004\360\235\344T\221\202\020\016", ap=..., ap@entry=...) at syslog/lib_syslog.c:84
   #11 0x10807458 in syslog (priority=priority@entry=3, fmt=0x10820de6 "%s: cpu = %d, irq
%d.\n") at syslog/lib_syslog.c:116                                                       
   #12 0x10800dd8 in arm_decodeirq (regs=0x10833c28 <g_cpu1_idlestack+1832>) at armv7-a/arm_gicv2.c:397
   As you can see, the thread2 running on cpu#1 is in interrupt context.
   However, as @patacongo pointed out, enter_critical_section() processes as if it were in
normal tasking environment, because _err() was called before setting CURRENT_REGS.

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