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From Rémy Amouroux <>
Subject Re: URL filtering: crawling time vs. indexing time
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:29:12 GMT
You have still several possibilities here :
1) find a way to seed the crawl with the URLs containing the links to the leaf pages (sometimes
it is possible with a simple loop)
2) create regex for each step of the scenario going to the leaf page, in order to limit the
crawl to necessary pages only. Use the $ sign at the end of your regexp to limit the match
of regexp like http://([a-z0-9]*\.)*

Le 2 nov. 2012 à 17:22, Joe Zhang <> a écrit :

> The problem is that,
> - if you write regex such as: +^http://([a-z0-9]*\.)*, you'll end
> up indexing all the pages on the way, not just the leaf pages.
> - if you write specific regex for
>, and you
> start crawling at, you'll get zero results, as there is no match.
> On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 6:21 AM, Markus Jelsma <>wrote:
>> -----Original message-----
>>> From:Joe Zhang <>
>>> Sent: Fri 02-Nov-2012 10:04
>>> To:
>>> Subject: URL filtering: crawling time vs. indexing time
>>> I feel like this is a trivial question, but I just can't get my ahead
>>> around it.
>>> I'm using nutch 1.5.1 and solr 3.6.1 together. Things work fine at the
>>> rudimentary level.
>>> If my understanding is correct, the regex-es in
>>> nutch/conf/regex-urlfilter.txt control  the crawling behavior, ie., which
>>> URLs to visit or not in the crawling process.
>> Yes.
>>> On the other hand, it doesn't seem artificial for us to only want certain
>>> pages to be indexed. I was hoping to write some regular expressions as
>> well
>>> in some config file, but I just can't find the right place. My hunch
>> tells
>>> me that such things should not require into-the-box coding. Can anybody
>>> help?
>> What exactly do you want? Add your custom regular expressions? The
>> regex-urlfilter.txt is the place to write them to.
>>> Again, the scenario is really rather generic. Let's say we want to crawl
>>> We can use the regex-urlfilter.txt to skip loops
>> and
>>> unncessary file types etc., but only expect to index pages with URLs
>> like:
>> To do this you must simply make sure your regular expressions can do this.
>>> Am I too naive to expect zero Java coding in this case?
>> No, you can achieve almost all kinds of exotic filtering with just the URL
>> filters and the regular expressions.
>> Cheers

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