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From Markus Jelsma <>
Subject Re: purging 404 URLs with SolrClean
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 21:29:44 GMT
Yes, it will send delete commands all the time, a shortcoming indeed. You can 
open an issue and perhaps add a patch. The problem is that, as far as i know, 
there is no status in CrawlDatum for this situation.

Maybe it would be a better idea to add a -since parameter to only delete items 
after a specific timestamp.

Anyway, it's not a really big deal unless you delete many thousands of items 
very frequently and issue a subsequent commit. Especially the last is costly.


> I've noticed that SolrClean does not mark URLs as purged from Solr. Will
> running the SolrClean task multiple times send the same URLs to Solr for
> deletion? If so, what is the best strategy to mark these documents in the
> crawl DB so they are repeatedly deleted from Solr?
> Blessings,
> TwP

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