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From "hank williams" <>
Subject noob wants to know: joining with a relational database result, is it possible?
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 09:42:41 GMT
I want to do searches within a constrained set of URLs where the
constrained set of URLs is determined by a MySQL result.

For example, lets say we have a program that is maintaining a MySQL
database of URLs that also have a "name" field. So I want to search in
the database for all the URLs that have "foo" in the name field that
have "bar" in the text of the web page.

Is there any way to tell Nutch "hey! i don't want *all* the results
that have the word 'bar', but just ones that are within this set of
URLs that I am giving you."

In this circumstance perhaps you are feeding Nutch a list of URLs to
constrain it.  Or perhaps there is some other way. I am not
necessarily suggesting the best way here, I don't have a strategy yet.
I am just wondering if there is a way to marry the worlds of
structured database search and Nutch/web search in a type of "cross
database-type" join.


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