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From "Jay Pound" <>
Subject Re: ndfs problem needs fix
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 19:39:22 GMT
ok here short and sweet I've found some problems that need fixing with ndfs:

1.) we need to split up chunks of data into sub-folders as not to run the
filesystem out of  its physical limitations of concurrent files in a single
directory, like the way squid splits up its data into directories.

2.)when a datanode is set to store data on a nfs share / samba share (via
conf) and the connection is severed the whole ndfs filesystem hangs untill
data can be written to that one drive, when the drive map is re-connected it
goes really fast for a few secs to catch up (50mb a sec for about 15secs)
this will also be a problem when a HD fails in a system, the datanode will
still function but the drive will not be able to send-recieve data because
its dead and ndfs will hang.

3.)we need to set a limit on how much of the filesystem can be used by ndfs,
or a max # of 32mb chunks to be stored, when a single machine runs out of
space the same thing happens as in #2 ndfs hangs waiting to write data to
that particular datanode not transmitting data to the other datanodes

Also I've found its much more stable now, I havent had any crashes when the
conditions are ideal for the way ndfs is now!

sorry about the big e-mails, my brain goes much faster than my fingers!!!

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From: "Andrzej Bialecki" <>
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Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2005 3:00 PM
Subject: Re: ndfs problem needs fix

> Jay Pound wrote:
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> Jay,
> This is nothing personal, but I tend to skip your messages, because they
> are so badly formatted that it just hurts my eyes, and I don't have the
> time to parse paragraphs, which occupy half a page... Please try to be
> more concise and divide your messages into shorter paragraphs.
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