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From "Peter A. Daly" <>
Subject Re: [Nutch-general] updated index on search page
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 11:39:10 GMT
Right now (or last I knew), the web application needs to be reloaded
for changes to show up.  This is because the NutchBean is stored as an
Application Object that never is checked to see if it is stale.

The way I handle this, although I use Resin instead of Tomcat, is to
"touch" the web.xml file after an index completes.  In Resin, this
triggers an application reload...I don't know if it'll do the same in

You need to figure out the best and non-intrusive way to restart the
webapp.  That's how I do it.


On 5/11/05, Chetan Sahasrabudhe <> wrote:
> Hello,
>     Through background processing a batch job is updating nutch index.
> When the user is searching for pages, the position of the link need to change as per
the changes updated in nutch index.
> When I restart my tomcat instance the changes are immd. visible, but when the tomcat
is running, changes are not reflected in search results.
> I tried changing,
> <property>
>   <name>searcher.filter.cache.size</name>
>   <value>16</value>
>   <description>
>   Maximum number of filters to cache.  Filters can accelerate certain
>   field-based queries, like language, document format, etc.  Each
>   filter requires one bit of RAM per page.  So, with a 10 million page
>   index, a cache size of 16 consumes two bytes per page, or 20MB.
>   </description>
> </property>
> value 16 is changed to 0 hoping that nutch web app will not take the filters from cache
but will fire query to index.
> is there any possiblity of solving this problem ?
> Regards
> Chetan
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