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From EM <>
Subject Re: How does this sound
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 18:20:22 GMT
Sounds fine with me although more experience people here may have 
different opinion.

One small thing, if you are setting up each site individually, then, 
fully disable the spidering. That way, you can inject individual sites 
by yourself.

Good luck,
Ian Reardon wrote:

>I am going to crawl a small set of sites and I never want to go off
>site and I also want to strictly control my link dept.
>I setup crawls for each site using the crawl command.  Then manually
>move the segments folder to my "master" directory and re-index.  (This
>can all be scripted).  This gives me the flex ability to QA each
>individual crawl.
>Am I jumping through unnecessary hoops here or does this sound like a
>reasonable plan?

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