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From Piotr Kosiorowski <>
Subject Re: proxy
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 12:37:43 GMT
As far as I remember in current implementation it is not possible to 
fetch through a proxy that requires authorization. But Andrzej Bialecki 
is working on httpclient based implementation right now and as 
httpclient allows one to use proxy with authorization it should be no 
problem to do so in nutch.
You can check current status of httpclient based patch by  looking for 
thread: "Update: HTTPClient for protocol-http and protocol-https".
You can even try the patch yourself.

k-team wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I'm testing nutch on my PC, and need to get through a proxy to crawls pages. 
> I've tried to set the "" property like this:
> user:password@proxyIP
> but I get this error message:
> fetch of failed with:
> net.nutch.protocol.http.HttpException:
> user:password@proxyIP
> How can I set my proxy with user/pwd? Is it possible?
> thanks,
> Kteam

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