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From Chris Mattmann <>
Subject Re: log guards
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 19:36:08 GMT
Hi Doug, and Jerome,

  Ah, yes, the log guard conversation. I remember this from a while back.
Hmmm, do you guys know what issue that this recorded as in JIRA? I have some
free time recently, so I will be able to add this to my list of Nutch stuff
to work on, and would be happy to take the lead on removing the guards where
needed, and reviewing whether or not the debug ones make sense where they


On 2/13/07 11:17 AM, "Jérôme Charron" <> wrote:

>> These guards were all introduced by a patch some time ago.  I complained
>> at the time and it was promised that this would be repaired, but it has
>> not yet been.
> Yes, Sorry Doug that's my own fault....
> I really don't have time to fix this   :-(
> Best regards
> Jérôme

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