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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject log guards
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 18:47:39 GMT
Doug Cutting (JIRA) wrote:
>> this patch in some places removes the log guards
> Most of the log guards are misguided.  Log guards should only be used on DEBUG level
messages in performance-critical inner loops.  Since INFO is the expected log level, a guard
on INFO & WARN level messages does not improve performance, since these will be shown.
 And most DEBUG-level messages are not in performance critical code and hence do not need
guards.  The guards only make the code bigger and thus harder to read and maintain.

In particular, in all places where we check isWarnEnabled(), 
isFatalEnabled() and isInfoEnabled(), the 'if' should be removed.  All 
calls to isDebugEnabled() should be reviewed, and most should be removed.

These guards were all introduced by a patch some time ago.  I complained 
at the time and it was promised that this would be repaired, but it has 
not yet been.


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