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From Aswath Nangamangalam Srinivasan <>
Subject Re: NiFi Cluster on AWS using ECS and external Zookeeper
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2019 15:39:07 GMT
??I'm trying to set up a NiFi Cluster on AWS using ECS with External Zookeeper.

Have created a ECS Cluster for Zookeeper with 3 EC2 instance and running zookeeper ensemble.
This external Zookeeper is working fine as I tested with my SolrCloud and also on my local
NiFi. The local NiFi cluster was set up based on
Now that I had made sure that NiFi cluster works well with my external zookeeper that is running
on AWS, I created another ECS cluster with 2 EC2 instances for NiFi. I did make sure all the
variables are set properly for a NiFi cluster. All checks from the list of env variables given

Though NiFi is starting on both the 2 EC2 instances and they using my external zookeeper,
the 2 NiFi are running as two separate clusters with one node with each cluster. Ideally I'm
wanting them to run as 2 nodes in one cluster.

I did compare the from the local NiFi cluster and the AWS Clusters and they
all look good.

Am I missing some obvious step here?

Thank you,

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