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From Michael Riddle <>
Subject minifi on android
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2018 14:51:40 GMT
 Hi Folks,

Based on this page:
34320/has-anyone-gotten-apache-nifi-running-on-an-androi.html. It should be
possible to cross-compile minifi using the android NDK.

A couple of questions here:
Has anyone successfully done this that you are aware of? If so, are the
additional necessary steps detailed somewhere?

On my CentOS 7 box, I've gotten as far as getting the bootstrap running
with an android-27 standalone-toolchain using the default gnustl, but
running make immediately fails complaining that it can't find FlexLexer.h.
When I edit the following lines in CMakeCache.txt to look in /usr/include
for header files:
CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:STRING=-isystem /usr/include
CMAKE_C_FLAGS:STRING=-isystem /usr/include

It blows up with:
linux-android/bits/ctype_base.h:36:2: error: #error Bionic header ctype.h
does not define either _U nor _CTYPE_U
 #error Bionic header ctype.h does not define either _U nor _CTYPE_U

Will I need to recompile flex, bison, etc. all as android to be able to use
them, or should they "just work"?

-Mike Riddle

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