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From Scott Howell <>
Subject Re: Integrating nifi with cloud based LDAP JumpCloud
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2018 20:03:12 GMT
Yep let me send it over.

        <property name="Authentication Strategy">ANONYMOUS</property>

        <property name="Manager DN">uid=nifi,ou=Users,o={redacted},dc=jumpcloud,dc=com</property>
        <property name="Manager Password”>{redacted}</property>

        <property name="TLS - Keystore"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Keystore Password"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Keystore Type"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Truststore"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Truststore Password"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Truststore Type"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Client Auth"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Protocol"></property>
        <property name="TLS - Shutdown Gracefully"></property>

        <property name="Referral Strategy">FOLLOW</property>
        <property name="Connect Timeout">10 secs</property>
        <property name="Read Timeout">10 secs</property>

        <property name="Url">ldap://</property>
        <property name="User Search Base">ou=Users,o={redacted},dc=jumpcloud,dc=com</property>
        <property name="User Search Filter">uid={0}</property>

        <property name="Identity Strategy">USE_USERNAME</property>
        <property name="Authentication Expiration">12 hours</property>

> On Apr 9, 2018, at 3:01 PM, Kevin Doran <> wrote:
> Scott,
> I've never implemented NiFi with JumpCloud, but speculating as to what could be the cause
of your error, it could be the User Search Base/Filter configuration values. Can you share
the contents of your login-identity-providers.xml (removing any sensitive values such as ldap
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> On 4/9/18, 14:53, "Scott Howell" <> wrote:
>    I was wondering if there was anyone on the user group that had successfully integrated
their NIFI authentication to work with Jumpcloud LDAP. I have followed the steps Jumpcloud
provides with adding the correct credentials to the the NIFI login-identity-providers.xml
but I am getting an error of “Unable to validate the supplied credentials. Please contact
the system administrator.” In the UI in my nifi-user.log I am seeing [LDAP: error code 32
- No Such Object] when its trying to look up the LDAP user.
>    Scott

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