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From Bryan Bende <>
Subject Re: Deployment of Flow Files help
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2018 16:55:58 GMT
Hi Sean,

Are you using NiFi Registry [1]?  That should be your primary way of
deploying flows.

I'm assuming you are asking how you can automate this so that you can spin
up a new cluster and then deploy a flow automatically, is that correct?

If you are not talking about automation, then everything you need for a
secure setup between NiFi and NiFi Registry should already exist.

If you are trying to do automation, then you may be interested in some of
the work we've been doing on NIFI-4839 [2].

Using this CLI, the starting point would be that somewhere you have the
JSON of a versioned flow from a NiFi registry, presumably from your DEV
instance where your developed everything. The JSON could be in a file, or
posted somewhere on an accessible URL.

In your new environment, you would then do something like the following
(these are CLI commands):

registry create-bucket -b "My Bucket"

registry create-flow -b <bucket-id> -fn "My Flow"

registry import-flow-version -f <flow-id> -i <file-or-url>

nifi pg-import -b <bucket-id> -f <flow-id> -fv <version>

nifi pg-start -pgid <process-group-id>

Obviously this CLI is still under development and subject to change, as it
has not yet been reviewed and merged to NiFi's master branch.




On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 10:36 AM, Sean Marciniak <> wrote:

> Hi team,
> I am trying to figure out how best to deploy flow files to a NiFi with it
> set up in 'Secure Clustered Mode'.
> Any advice and examples of doing so would be greatly appreciated. Once we
> get this working, we can look at using this inside Kubernetes.
> I had asked inside the Hipchat room and was told to send an email instead:
> ```
> [2:08 PM <http://airmail.calendar/2018-02-15%2014:08:00%20GMT>] Sean
> Marciniak: Hey team,I have a question regarding deploying flow files when
> NiFi is in secure clustered mode.
> Has this been done before? Is there a working example that you know of?
> We know we can deploy to NiFi with secure mode turned off but we require
> this to be working
> [2:12 PM <http://airmail.calendar/2018-02-15%2014:12:00%20GMT>] Sean
> Marciniak: We are trying to use NiFi v1.5 if that helps
> ```
> Original question.
> Thank you,
> Sean.
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> Sean Marciniak
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