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From Martin Mucha <>
Subject Get the failure reason from ValidateResult processor
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2018 15:12:14 GMT

I'm having difficulties to find a way how to get the failure reason from
ValidateResult processor. I know, it emits the route provenance event, but
you cannot integrate that in your flow as far as I know. I also saw
suggestion to write custom reporting task, but a) that one does not have
access to original FlowFile and generally it does not seem to be sound

On the otherhand ConvertToAvro validator creates new `Details` attribute to
describe failure. (well at least it used to do so? I cannot find that
Details property in documentation any more).

am I overlooking something? What I'd like to do, is to work with failure
reason further in flow, where I get along `invalid` relationship.

Thanks for advice.


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