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From Jeremy Taylor <>
Subject streaming ingest for SIP/RTP or RTSP/RTP
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2017 14:21:29 GMT
We have received requirements for ingesting streaming audio that are in flux and subject to
change.  We will either need to ingest audio being sent via SIP/RTP means or RTSP/RTP.  I’ve
looked for whether any existing NiFi processors would be able to ingest this and I’ve looked
for whether there are any custom processors already written that might be able to read in
these streams as well.  Yes, I’ve noted that we have a ListenTCP and ListenUDP set of processors,
but those won’t be enough in this situation.  Is anyone aware of any custom processors in
existence that I might not be aware of yet to read in streams via SIP/RTP or RTSP/RTP?  Also,
out of curiousity, is anyone aware of any plans for NiFi to have an eventual processor or
processors to read streams in either via SIP/RTP or RTSP/RTP?  My expectations are currently
low and I realize that we may not be able to use NiFi for this particular ingest requirement,
but I wanted to just ask just in case.


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