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From Matt Gilman <>
Subject Re: New "hierarchical" controller service system confusing
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 15:39:39 GMT

Thanks for the suggestion on the improved Controller Service UX. Would you
mind filing a JIRA for this improvement?

In 1.x, the user can see the components referencing a Controller Service in
1 of 3 places. The references are shown in the read-only details dialog,
the service configuration dialog, and the enable/disable service dialog.
The references will include Processors, Reporting Tasks, and Controller
Services (and components that reference those services and so on).



On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 12:45 PM, Russell Bateman <>

> Friends,
> I find the new (well, since 0.7.x -> 1.x) way of associating controller
> services based on the process group a bit disorienting. When one follows
> the right arrow from a consuming processor and lands on the Process Group
> Configuration page where the services are configured, one is obliged to
> click on the General tab to figure out whether the controller service is
> at the root (the case for services whose flows were upgraded from the 0.7.x
> world) or for a specific process group (the case for configuration
> accomplished post-upgrade/native 1.x).
> I realize that this will be a dwindling problem, but there's enough white
> space in this dialog to justify putting the Process Group Name to the right
> of the dialog title (Process Group Configuration) while on the Controller
> Services tab, even without the momentary confusion of origin (that is, a
> flow from 0.7.x vs. a "native" 1.x flow). So, I consider that this
> enhancement holds regardless of whether upgraded flows are present or not.
> At the same time, I'm tempted to ask how, when looking on the Controller
> Services tab/page, one figures out which processor instance(s) is (are)
> consuming a particular controller service I'm looking at?
> Russ

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