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From Ramaninder Singh Jhajj <>
Subject Encryption and Hashing in Nifi
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:33:19 GMT
Hello Everyone,

I need some help with Nifi. I have a requirement where we need to encrypt
and hash some of the data in a flowfile instead of the whole flowfile. The
situation is, we receive customer information in a flowfile in XML format,
I do some cleanup and tranform the flowfile content in JSON content. Now
the requirement if we need to encrypt some of the sensitive data of
customer(only some attributes of the JSON flowfile). So if customer JSON
contains name, phoneno, email, SSN etc. we just want to encrypt email and
SSN and not the whole file.

I know there is a processor for encryption but that encrypts the whole
flowfile. Is there a processor or a way to encrypt some of the attributes
of JSON file. We do not want to use "ExecuteScript" processor as it can not
be parallelised and will run the script in linear fashion (let me know if I
am wrong here).

Kind Regards,

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